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The Trilogy The Angels Shall Sing. Book One The Noisemaker. Book Two The SoulMaker. Book Three The Devilmaker. An adventure story that is based on true facts. Taken from military archives and from Masonic and my family records.

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The Noisemaker

The Noisemaker

1901 was not a good year in South Africa. There was a war on. Six boys go missing. Gold goes missing. The Grand Master of the Masons is in Cape Town, the markets have collapsed. The German Army is also here. The Army in Cradock is mobilised to hunt down a Boer Spy, orders are shoot on sight, he is a 14 year old boy. The Military Police also want the boy.

The Soulmaker

The Soulmaker

If Ricky was shocked by Cape Town he is lost in London. Jonathan Cobb is mistaken for him and abducted, Commander Shaw is the one doing the hunting, but the Tokoloshe is hunting him. The Prof is worried that Ricky will not live up the prophecy, and discovers that Ricky is far more than even he bargained for, he finds out that Farm Boys learn fast.

The Devilmaker

The Devilmaker

Ricky goes to Munich, Germany to trace his heritage. He discovers that he has only touched the surface of the murky depths of the Order The Colonel had begun. They know that he knows to much, and their future depends on shutting him up. Ricky discovers the true power of the Masons and his new friends and they do everything in their power to stop the Order.

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